My Solo Travel Experience in Amsterdam

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What do you do when life gets confusing? You go on a solo trip to Amsterdam. Well, not exactly. But, that’s what I did. For the past decade, I’ve always traveled with a companion, which was safe, comfortable, and predictable. One person prefers to wake up at the crack of dawn, while the other likes […]

July 20, 2019

Mouthwatering Vegan Comfort Food

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This summer will mark two years that I decided to eliminate meat from my diet. This was a major lifestyle change for me and at times I still can’t believe that I’m actually doing it. In the beginning, I must admit that it had its challenges. The reason it was difficult is that I barely […]

February 15, 2018

My Journey to Eating Clean

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Updated: April 26th, 2019. Why did I choose to stop eating animals? That’s the question I usually hear when I say that I have made the decision to eliminate meat from my diet. For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed eating it. No one in my family or circle of friends is […]

September 17, 2016

My First Blog Post


Hello, everyone! My name is Elisabeth Castera. I am here to inspire and provide information on a variety of topics regarding healthy eating, wellness and travel. I hope you enjoy my blog!

November 29, 2014