Top 3 Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica

Travel / Monday, July 11th, 2016

Two words — Pura Vida. Life in Costa Rica is the complete opposite of life in NYC. Living in New York for the majority of your life can eventually take a toll on you mentally and physically. Yes, New York is everything — the concrete jungle, where opportunities are, where dreams are pursued, the fashion capital — But it’s nonstop. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for no reason. With that being said, a relaxing vacation from time to time is required, and Costa Rica was just the trip I needed.

Costa Rica has been on my bucket list for quite some time now and when my birthday was approaching I mentioned visiting the beautiful country to my boyfriend and he was all for it! Costa Rica is a country you visit to relax, take in nature and eat great food. I told myself that less is more and kept my itinerary for this trip very simple. We relaxed by the beach, we both got massages at the spa, we watched the sunset every evening, listened to the sound of the waves every night, drove around town to observe how the locals live, and just basically took in nature, which = amazing.

1. Ziplining:

Ziplining in Costa Rica is awesome, particularly because of the scenery. I’ve been zip lining quite a few times and Costa Rica has some of the best sights. We went on a zip line tour in Montes de Oro. Tours are fun and insightful. You also have a chance to meet some really great people from all over the world.


Check out our view in this short video:

2. The People & Simple Lifestyle:

Everyone is SO friendly! And you’re probably thinking that they have to be at a resort, since that’s their job, but even the locals are nice. The streets are clean and everyone seems to be happy with their simple lifestyle — I love that! It really made me appreciate what I have back at home.


3. Nature and Breathtaking views:

Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity. From the waterfalls, to the beaches and rainforests, nature is everywhere.

This is a short video of a waterfall we saw while zip lining:



Trips like these really make you appreciate the simple things in life. I would definitely recommend renting a car to drive around during the day and observe life outside of your hotel.

PURA VIDA, everyone!

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