My Trip to the Beautiful Caribbean: Punta Cana

Travel / Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


So, I am finally writing my first blog post on traveling!
Although I LOVE to get out of the city, and I try to do so at least twice a year — I wouldn’t consider myself as someone who travels frequently. As much as I wish I did, unfortunately life gets in the way. Like most young adults, I like to see what life has to offer. I am fully aware that I am practically just a speck of dust in this world, which is even more reason why it is so important to experience life outside of your own city. Trying different types of food, learning a new language, facing your fears, and just getting out of your comfort zone, to me, is living. But not everyone seems to think this way, so to each his own.

This year I visited Punta Cana with my best friend Josephine, actually, she’s more like a sister. I am very fortunate to have a few childhood friends still in my life, which sadly, is pretty rare. Anyway, Josephine and I have been friends for over 15 years and I think that’s pretty awesome.

This was my third time visiting the Dominican Republic. My first time to DR was to La Romana with my family and the second time was a girl’s trip for my birthday. I have this notion on visiting the same place over and over again, but when Josephine invited me on this trip, I couldn’t resist. We stayed at the Meliá Caribe Tropical. The resort is huge! They have trains to take you to various destinations because trust me, walking is just not an option. We tried, and didn’t make it very far.


Here’s a short video of what the resort looks like:

The rooms were pretty decent. We stayed in the basic premium room which had all the basic amenities. We didn’t need much since we figured we’d barley be in our rooms anyway.

This was the view from our balcony:

The beaches in DR are absolutely beautiful — warm and crystal clear with white sand. Just what you’d expect when visiting the caribbean.



We decided that this would be a relaxing trip. Since we would be on this beautiful island for seven days, we figured we’d go to the “disco” at least twice and go to an actual club outside the resort and the remainder of the trip we would lounge by the pool/beach and eat. We also booked an afternoon of dancing and drinking on a party boat one day and parasailing another day.

The food was pretty good. Mainly American food, which is disappointing since we were in a different country. You also had to make reservations for each restaurant, so if you forgot to do that you were in trouble and had to dine at the buffet. We made sure to make reservations at the Dominican restaurant on the resort and below are a few of the dishes we had:
Paella, Pork Chops, and Mofongo…Delish!






The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country to visit. I’ve had a wonderful experience each time I vacationed there — the culture, food, and music definitely have a special place in my heart.

My next adventure is to SPAIN! I’ll be traveling with a former colleague at the end of the month, so stay tuned for my Madrid/Barcelona blog post!

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